Griffin is the son of a poor mechanic, with an innate talent for turning ordinary devices into innovative gadgets. His strong determination to win the ZigaMon championship arises from his family's financial struggles. His ambition and hubris fuel his obsession, driving him to uncover the truth behind the game's allure and mastering the ZigaMon. Griffin's love for games and challenges makes him a strategic and worthy player. Willing to take risks, he pushes his team and is the beacon of hope and encouragement in tough situations.


The child of esteemed programmers in Tokyo, Sappir possesses an exceptional ability to weave captivating digital creations. She crafts intricate Artificial Intelligence systems and possesses an innate intuition that allows her to sense the mystical aspects of ZigaMon beyond the virtual realm. As the most perceptive among the heroes, she is always led by her heart to do what's right and keep friendships strong among the team.


A nerdy and timid genius from Rio de Janeiro, Noah's expertise lies in crafting immersive Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. His passion for VR/AR is an escape from his struggles, particularly his mother's health issues. He creates vivid worlds that transport people to unimaginable places. As the heroes' technological expert, he helps vastly with complex problem solving and is a sort of encyclopedia for the team.


A cunning player and the championship's victor, Vada is characterized by his willingness to do whatever it takes to win. Ruthless and driven erratic by ambition, Vada early on becomes Griffin's rival and nemesis throughout our story. Admiring and following in the footsteps of Mr. X, Vada becomes a sort of disciple and seeks to sit at the right hand side of his idol and leader.

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