Monsters First Drop


Once a ruler of Ancient Egypt, Rakapurr now fulfills its obligatory duty as guardian of Egypt's most darkest secrets. Found deep within the tombs of the pyramids, Rakapurr wields the power of a sacred flame meant to scorch anyone that traverses where they don't belong. Cunning and wise, Rakapurr is nimble and quick, and makes up in speed what it lacks in size. This cat-like warrior may be one of the first of the ZigaMon.

Element: Inferno


Frawsty is a giant snow beast that roams high in the stormy Alps. His roar is said to be heard from miles away by expeditioners hoping to catch a sighting of this legendary monster. Roughly 10ft in height, this colossal beast has immense strength and defense. Frawsty is easily able to toss boulders like toys and push over trees from their roots. Partnered with a strange little rider, the little companion seems to be a friend of some sort and will often aid Frawsty in attacks.

Element: Beast


Not much is known about the enigmatic Lost Mage. This wizard seems to be lost in space and time and appears in unpredictable moments and locations looking for a challenging opponent. Having various powerful magic attacks, its sources would appear to be old magic. Though its origin and history are mostly unknown, the Lost Mage seems to be searching for something it may have lost or hasn't found yet.

Element: Magic


Once a scientific experiment gone wrong, Cyber-Rex seemed to have destroyed and escaped the lab from whence he was created. Part prehistoric dinosaur and part cyborg, he is an uncontrollable and destructive monster set to break and kill everything in its path. Even with the death of its makers, Cyber-Rex continues to seek an unquenchable revenge for its abominable tampering of natural genetics. Cyber-Rex may be the only man-made ZigaMon.

Element: Mech

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